We Offer Leak Detection in Savannah - (Slab Leak Repair)


Leak Detection in Savannah

Slab Leak in Savannah

A slab leak or under-slab leak is a water leak on the hot or cold water line under the concrete foundation of a building, home, or office. This is the mother of all leaks! Usually, a slab leak starts as a pinhole and gradually gets larger over time. This means wasted water and possible energy for you. These leaks have the potential to not only ruin your day, once fixed, they can also reappear elsewhere. If you suspect you have a higher than usual water bill, hear water running without intention, or are interested in ensuring you never have one or another, Call Pope's Plumbing LLC in Savannah, Ga. 912-429-5588



 So, you've had the unfortunate opportunity to experience an under-slab water or gas leak. Now, your only options are to replace the line(s) entirely or repair the leak. We will need to obtain a plumbing permit and reroute those lines above the ground. This is the only way to guarantee it will never happen again. But, how will all of this  work be done? That's what we are here for! They will be installed in accordance  with the state plumbing code. Your peace of mind is our top priority. Call us today and ask how we can help.